• Md. Rashedul Haque
      Founder & Executive Director
    • Warm Cloth Distribution
      Warm cloth distribution organized Desh Chaetona by Canadian Donner.
    • Free Health Treatment
      Free Health Treatment organized by Desh Chaetona.
    • Meat Distribution For Poor People
      Meat Distribution
    • Free Health Treatment Campaign
      Free Health Treatment Campaign By Desh Chaetona.
    • Tube-Well Installation.
      Tube-Well Installation by Desh Chaetona with Canadian Donner.

    Desh Chaetona has always been trying to improve the socio-economical conditions of disadvantage people. In this connection Desh Chaetona has set the following objectives achieving its goal:

    • To build institution at different levels to assist the disadvantage communities.
    • To make them self-reliant for providing effective training.
    • To improvement of women’s’ status.
    • To create better opportunity for the disabled to contribute their efforts for the community as an essential part of the society.
    • Desh Chaetona will follow participatory process for providing all kinds of support for the socio-economic development of the community.
    • Desh Chaetona will maintain partnership relationship with its client, other organization and GOB department toward its development journey.
    • From planning to implementation staff member of Desh Chaetona should be treated they are the facilitator and community catalyst are the key actors in the whole development process.

    Implement direct innovative programs for linking and institutionalizing experiential learning.

    Desh Chaetona (NGO)

    Desh Chaetona is a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) registered with the Department of Social Service & NGO Affairs Bureau in Bangladesh. "People for the people. You can donate with us for poverty line people!" - Public awareness by Desh Chaetona