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Detail Descriptions of the activities

This part of the report giving narrative description of the activities, which were undertaken by the organization during this period. The description also depicts the participation of the target beneficiaries of Desh Chaetona.

 Human Development Program:

The programs focus on the skill development of the adult so that the adult could develop their employable skills and engage themselves in different Income generation Activities. The program activities emphasis on developing the literacy and numerical skill of the adult and at the same time generates skills development training on different trades.

During the period 62 adults were provided general education and skills development in different trade course.  The main Trade Courses are mentioned as under:


  • Tailoring and Dressmaking
  • Poultry rearing
  • Beaf Fattening
  • Homestead gardening and Agricultural extension
  • Fisheries


Disability in development  

In the development discourse, ‘disability and development’ is the issue of concern. Constitution of Bangladesh guarantees human right and equal protection for all citizens and it also forbids any discrimination among citizens. This statement claims that people with disabilities have equal rights and to enjoy equal opportunities like other advantage groups in Bangladesh. People with disabilities in Bangladesh are among the most vulnerable of the disadvantage group. They frequently regarded as unfortunate, inactive and blemished. Approximately 10% of the total population is disabled (12 million). People with disabilities are extremely vulnerable because they receive very few development assistances. It is visible that very few people with disabilities are involved in mainstream employment activities. Still now, potential people with disability are ignored from negative attitude of the mass people; they also suffer from scarcity of resources and lack of knowledge and skill. The people with disabilities are left out of the development process mainly due to lack of awareness of people who design and implement different development programs to address the rights of people with disabilities inside development. In this backdrop, Desh Chaetona try to develop capacity building on the issue of disability through awareness sessions.


Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS)

While working with the community DC has experienced that due to lack of safe drinking water facilities and due to lack of proper sanitation system different water borne diseases are spread out at a larger extends. In order to address the problems different awareness raising and behavior changing activities were taken in hand during this period.  Following are some of the exemplary activities, which DC has taken in during this period:


  • Raising awareness on 100% sanitation coverage in the area.
  • Sensitize community to install, use and maintenance hygienic Latrine.
  • Development peoples institution through the process and Training.

Child Rights and Human Rights awareness

During this period, DC has undertaken a new program activity to address rights of the child and make the community understand about the importance of rights of the child. In order to ensure rights of the child the parents, children and wider stakeholders of the community have been addressed. The Child Rights Programming (CRP) and Rights Based Approaches (RBA) have been encompassed in the program cycle management of DC.  Training has been imparted to all core staff of the organization. Comprehensive future program activities have been designed. Following strategies have been highlighted:

  • Raise awareness among the wider stakeholders of the community regarding the UN Declaration on Human Rights and UNCRC.
  • Develop the capacity of the community people to raise their voices against all forms of abuse and exploitation.
  • Ensure children participation so that they could express their views and ideas, which affect their life and the situation that concerns for their development.
  • With the participation of children along with wider community participation, take preventative measures to protect children from all forms abuse, trafficking and using children in unsocial activities.
  • Address Child Domestic Workers (CDW) and Street Children.

Income Generation Activities:

The program said to be one of the most important and main program activities of the DC.  The main purpose of the program is to economically empower the impoverished women and men of the society and create alternative job creation for them to enhance their income. The ultimate target of the program focuses on the gradual reduction of poverty and develops leadership capacity of the poor. The program component of IGA is mentioned as under: