Background Story

The Desh Chaetona has been providing necessary support for the socio-economic development for poor and marginal community as non-political and people oriented development organization from the very begging.

Desh Chaetona is a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) registered with the Department of Social Service & NGO Affairs Bureau in Bangladesh.  A core group of life-minded professionals, social activists, volunteers started providing awareness rising in Jhenaidah district. Empowerment of Communities is a central focus issue of all of Desh Chaetona’s development initiatives. Desh Chaetona has a set target to initiate program for capacity building of the disadvantage people.


Bangladesh Government has prepared a Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) where good governance, accountability and transparency were given significant considerations. Of many issues “deprivation issue” is one of the main guiding principles of the current PRSP.  The issue of poverty alleviation has received a considerable attention from policy makers, donors’ researchers and various organizations concerned with development in Bangladesh. This is mainly because a large number of people, more than 50 million live in dire poverty, where as poverty alleviation depends, to a large extent on the growth of the economy and the path of growth chosen. Development performance in past indicates that the rate of growth in GDP per capital has not only been modest but also failed to reach the poorest section of the country.


It is undoubtedly a fact that Government Programs in the social sectors such as health, education and population control are designed to improve the majority of the people who are poor. But in practice, the poor have received little, either because the coverage in the program is not sufficiently wide and / or the rich have been able to utilize the service better.


As for example in education sector it is noticed that poor families have little access to educational institutions. The inequality is even more pronounced in the case of education at upper levels.


The impact of investment in health and family planning has far reaching impact on poverty alleviation. The government statistics says, that about 50% of the existing facilities remaining unutilized.


The government aims to alleviate poverty the reformations of rural institutions and developments program. All these programs are by and large concentrating on the economic growth of the country and entails the project like physical growth, irrigated agriculture, drainage, flood control, population & health service etc.


To bring desirable changes in the society and alleviate poverty the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) are also playing a key role along with government efforts. Almost all the important developmental activities, particularly those related to the poverty alleviation, are implemented through NGOs. Desh Chaetona is nothing exception to this, established in 1999, as a local grass root level organisation Desh Chaetona has already crossed 15 years.  Since its inception Desh Chaetona has focused to change the socio-eco situation, condition of the poor and have strived to bring a positive change in the lifestyle of the impoverished people in particular women of the country.


Initially Desh Chaetona started its journey as a locally based organization and was active with its development endeavor in six Upazila at Jhenaidah district. Until 2014 since inception Desh Chaetona was carrying out their activities on their own resources and was mainly confined with IGA program. Later on 2006 for the first time Desh Chaetona received a small grant from Bangladesh Govt.

The table mentioned below shows the working areas of Desh Chaetona:


Sl #


1. Sadar Jhenaidah
2. Harinakundu
3. Shoilkupa
4. Kaligonj
5. Kotchandpur
6. Moheshpur